About Changes Parent Support Network

Changes Parent Support Network was incorporated in December 1996, and groups officially started meeting in January 1997. It is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and is not affiliated with any other group or religious organization. Attendees include couples, single parents, guardians, grandparents and other caregivers; anyone who is parenting a child is welcome. Although some parents attend for help with their adult children, most parents have children between ages 13 and 22.

People attend Changes because their child is engaging in behavior that is disrupting their home. Every family is different, and the issues may differ from one home to another. In one home, a child may be just beginning to engage in risky behavior. In another family, the parents may have differing parenting styles, and find themselves in crisis over how to parent their out of control teen or young adult. Typical teenage problem behaviors include verbal abuse, vandalism, defiance, failing grades, drug use, alcohol abuse, stealing at home, shoplifting, or running away.

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